Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Huye: Taxi-Motorcyclists get cycles on loan

Taxi-Motorcyclists get cycles on loan

20 members of Intambwe Motari Cooperative (CIM) in Huye town have been given motorcycles on loan to enable them improved their welfare social-economic status.

The loan was given to them by DUTERIMBERE–IMF Ltd, a micro financel institution that provides financial services tailored to low-income entrepreneurs, primarily women, to help them improve their socio-economic conditions.

During the event held on November 7, 2013 beneficiaries promised to make good use of the motorcycles, pay back the loan in the stipulated time and improve their standards of living.

During the event, local leaders who were present reminded motorcyclists that it’s a debt they have to clear and this success can only be achieved by adopting a saving culture.

Alphonse Nkuranga, Executive Secretary of National Youth Council highlighted: “No sweat no gain. You can’t achieve anything without embracing the saving culture.”

Delphin Ngamije, Managing Director of DUTERIMBERE-IMF told the motorcyclists that transportation is a necessity. If motorcyclists save, they will able to cater for their families and still pay the loan.”

Cyprien Mutwarasibo, vice-mayor for economic affairs in Huye district maintained that if one gives you a motorcycle, it has to be paid back so that others get the money. To be successful is to save and to save is to sacrifice. Intambwe Motari Cooperative (CIM) has over 300 members.

Huye: Taxi-Motorcyclists get cycles on loan


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