Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I would never quit Islam, says Ama G The Black

I would never quit Islam, says Ama G The Black

Rapper Ama G The Black

Rapper Ama G the Black has denied rumors he is about to quit Islam as had been alleged in local tabloids, social websites and celebrity websites.

Ama G, who is a devoted Muslim, added that he would never quit a religion that nurtured him ever since he was a young boy. The star was born and raised in a family that strictly abides to Islamic laws and beliefs and feels there would be no way he could ever turn his back on them.

Speaking at a radio show dubbed Ten Super Star on Radio 10, Ama G said: “I have no idea where the rumors came from. Why would I even think of quitting Islam? Those who think I would ever do so can forget about it.”

The rumors had stemmed from a recent development in which a remix to the song Ingoma Yawe by Theo Bose Babireba which features Ama G The Black hit the airwaves.

Surprisingly enough, Theo is a born-again Christian, and his featuring with Ama G had fuelled rumors including a possible excommunication by the former from his Pentecostal Church, while others suggested Ama G was about to convert to Christianity.

I would never quit Islam, says Ama G The Black


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