Thursday, 14 November 2013


War of words as tempers flare between Riderman and MC Monday

MC Monday

Riderman’s recent confession of his struggles as a musician to be where he is today will serve as a real inspirational story to most people, mainly young persons, except MC Monday.

The rapper revealed the hardships he underwent as an upcoming rapper, including a long trek he made on foot to the studios of Radio10, at the time based at Rebero where MC Monday worked as a radio presenter. “On reaching the studios, I found him there and handed him my song on a CD. He refused to take it and instead told me to wait for him outside,” Riderman remembers.

The painful memories evoke mixed emotions according to Riderman, but he believes if he had not struggled that much he would not be a star he is today. He continues, “I waited for him till 8pm and when he came out of the studio, he told me to leave the CD at the reception. I almost cried and wondered how I would make it home from Rebero in the middle of the night and on foot!”

Riderman on stage shortly after being announced winner of PGGSS3

But MC Monday, who now goes by the pseudonym Saga Assou has responded angrily, asking Rideman to apologize.

“How dare he? These are the artists that I and other radio presenters helped to promote but listen to the things he is saying. That is equal to biting the hand that feeds you. I remember I would go around music studios collecting songs from Rwandan artists because we needed them, so there is no way I could ever have turned him down. I would like to hear an apology from him.”

Despite the acrimonious atmosphere that continues to sour between the two, Riderman insists he holds utmost respect towards MC Monday and says that he has never had any personal conflict with him.

Riderman’s success story is well documented, the most recent being his victory at Primus Guma Guma Super Star, where he became the first rapper to ever win this accolade.


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