Friday, 8 November 2013

EAC focuses on improving hospitality services

EAC focuses on improving hospitality services

Guests afford a smile at Kigali Serena Hotel – EAC countries focus turns to improving the hospitality sector

 The East African Community intends to focus on improving hospitality in a bid to promote the region to a Single Tourist Destination.

This was said by Maria Mutagamba, Ugandan Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities who is also the Chairperson of the EAC Sectoral Council on Tourism and Wildlife management.

Mutagamba made the remarks at an EAC Joint Event to promote the region as a Single Tourist Destination at the World Travel Market (WTM) 2013 in London.

According to the Minister, the EAC region was a secure and safe destination noting that at this year’s WTM, the EAC is focusing on regional achievements; safety and security; and a new innovative way to promote the region as a single tourist destination.

“The tourism sector has also started harmonizing hospitality services policies and laws in the region in preparation for full cooperation and to sustainably utilize our resources as a region,” she said.

In a bid to promote the EAC as a Single Tourist Destination, the region has introduced a publication.

“The Traveler’s Roundabout East Africa”- which is new product that will be a powerful platform to collate and communicate credible regional information to the tourism and travel sector.

The Minister also called for a need to protect the environment and sustain the natural resources in the region through conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife and other tourist sites in the region.

The meeting was attended by ministers responsible for Tourism from the EAC Partner States and officials of the EAC Secretariat. The ministers called for an urgent need for their respective partner states to fully address the consolidate security measures and address the issue of the negative image portrayed after the recent terror attacks in the region.

So far, the EAC partner states have embarked on the process of implementing Common Market Protocol –which was been signed by the presidents of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan in October 2013, as a way of facilitating free movement of people, skills, goods and services; a great milestone that will see the enhancement of trade and movement of goods as well as services.

 In addition, an achievement favored in the hospitality and travel industry, is the removal of non-tariff barriers and the enhancement of a free trade area as well as the anticipated introduction of a single currency under an EAC Monetary Union.

EAC focuses on improving hospitality services


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