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Sentore thrills crowd at launch of his debut album


The Care star Amag The Black didn’t disappoint the crowd.Abdul Makanyaga was a good choice to perform at the concert.Maria Yohana crowned the night with her Intsinzi hit.Gakondo’s only female member Diana Teta.Jules Sentore performs.

Hundreds of music lovers on Sunday evening filled up Petit Stade in Remera to witness Jules Sentore’s launch of, Muraho Neza album

The Umwimerere w’Intore live concert started at 6p.m. It was concurrently staged with the shooting of a documentary about Rwanda’s progress over the last 20 years. The Ministry of Sports and Culture together with other partners including Rwanda Cinema Centre decided to stage the two events at the same place and time.

Gakondo group, in which Sentore is a member, featured prominently during the performances. The concert was opened by Urucyerereza traditional troupe, followed by Jacques Murigande, aka Mighty Popo and Sophie Nzayisenga, who electrified the crowd with her Inanga skills. Inanga is a stringed traditional musical instrument.

A group of female and male dancers spiced up the concert with graceful traditional dance routines.

Following in a similar vein was Amag The Black, whose rap vibes had Hip-hop diehards dance uncontrollably. Amag performed two songs, including Care before he was joined on stage by DJ Pius of Two 4real in their Agakayi collaboration.

Things got heated up when Abdul Makanyaga and his Igisope band stepped up to entertain the audience with the legend’s famous tunes.

The crowd was elated by the group’s performance of classic hits, including Hashize Iminsi and Ngwino mukunzi.

After Makanyaga, Gakondo group led by Intore Massamba hit the stage. The group captivated the audience with their sweet traditional melodies of Nyirabisabo, Mama shenge and Nyanyezi.

The group later paired with the country’s renowned female singer Maria Yohana Mukankuranga.

The 70-year-old Yohana also performed the trademark track Intsinzi, a song that was requested by the audience.

Chants of “Sentore! Sentore” echoed inside the stadium as the technicians went around performing final volume checks on instruments and microphones. The crowd simply couldn’t wait to see the singer. Finally, the band members took their places onstage, and the man himself strolled in.

Sentore emerged on stage at 9:27pm, donning black jeans and a green jacket. He was accompanied by Inganzo Ngari. The singer performed Udatsikira, Akazuba, Dutaramane, Insuti and Umugambi wayo, a gospel song he dedicated to his mother.

“I have been an avid Sentore fan for a few years now, and I was ecstatic to learn that he was launching his own album,” said Peter Mugabo.

“The concert itself was highly entertaining. The energy from the crowd was received and returned by those onstage. Jules Sentore is a talented musician and among a few young local artistes who practice live music,” he added.

By the end of the concert at 10pm, a contented audience gave a standing ovation to Jules Sentore and all the artistes for their extraordinary performance. After his performance (which was short), he exited with a smile. The crowd thinned, but a few stayed behind for photo opportunities with the singer.

“It was awesome. They spiced the whole set of performance with Rwandan traditional music,” said Anne-Marie Uwimana, one of the fans.

The sound and lighting were a good package, further enhanced with good graphics that were displayed on the stage and projector screens for revelers, to get a clearer view of the stage action.

The footage will be used in a documentary detailing Rwanda’s development path over the last 20 years. The Minister of Sports and Culture Protais Mitali was the guest of honour.

Sentore thrills crowd at launch of his debut album


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