Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nyamagabe: JADF devise measures to prevent hunger

m_JADF devise measures to prevent hunger

 On October 29th 2013, Joint Action Development forum (JADF) members in Nyamagabe district met with an aim of devise measures of preventing hunger as a result of drought.

This comes after shortage of rain that might pose a negative impact on agricultural produce of season 2014A in Nyamagabe district.

The meeting gathered James Musoni, minister of local government, Agnes Kalibata; minister of agriculture and district and province officials through video conference.

Immaculée Mukarwego, vice mayor in charge of economic affairs and JADF coordinator asserts that they are helping residents to water crops in swamps and valleys.

This is done through providing tools, vegetable seeds so that vegetables are grown for home consumption and complement the produce that will be harvested in this season.

The vice mayor says: “Every partner pledged something in the fight to prevent hunger. Some pledged tools for farmers to use while watering crops. Vegetables will replace sweet potatoes so that residents get food.”

To the hilly areas, he says cassava will be the best crop since it stands the sunshine.

Apart from irrigating crops and planting cassava on hilly areas, development partners pledged to help beneficiaries make kitchen gardens (uturima tw’igikoni), vegetable seeds to grow and watering cans.

A team was elected to follow up the implementation of the pledges development partners made to fulfill before November 10th 2013.

Local leaders are called upon to sensitize residents on embracing this urgent program meant to prevent hunger issues lack of rain might cause.

Watering the crops was emphasized as one way of aiding plant growth throughout the dry season and development partners were asked to play a big role.

Nyamagabe: JADF devise measures to prevent hunger


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