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m_Parents’ Evening solution to Family conflicts

Women members of NWC in Ngoma district

With many homicide cases among married couples as well as domestic violence due to polygamy, prostitution and the management of family Property in Ngoma District; the ‘Parents’ Evening’ Programme is looked upon as the solution to these problems.

For instance, in October 2013, a man was reported to have killed his wife after hitting her with firewood; while in another incident, a woman hacked her husband to death. Both incidences occurred in Ngoma District.

Such tragedies can be reduced or even completely stopped through solving couples misunderstanding in Parents’ Evening Program.

Through the local Parents’ Evening Program, couples get to settle their differences; neighours get information on conflicting couples and step in to advice them before the conflict goes out of control.

According to Marie Grace Mukasenge a 45 year old married lady, the cause of these tragedies and domestic violence is due to management of property especially with women realizing their rights.

“Women now know their rights to family properties and how to manage them, men however are not ready to let go of the autonomy to use the properties to their satisfaction through alcohol and prostituting. When women step in to demand explanations, the violence starts, accidents occur that turn into tragedies” Mukansenge explained.

Though most of the people say these tragedies as well as domestic violence are due to family property, others say the main cause of these is polygamy and prostitution.

The good example is a woman in Sake sector who recently killed the husband and another resident of Ngoma sector who hacked off the husband’s arm after finding him on the telephone with a female and thought it was his concubine.

Virginie Mukamusoni the coordinator of the National Women Council in Ngoma district says the only way to reduce such tragedies is if people give more value to the Parents’ Evening program down to the village level and start making use of the program.

“Through this program, information about conflicting couples would be known and be advised accordingly” she says.

The Parents Evening Program is the government program where parents both men and women meet and discuss issues affecting their families. Counsel is given, offenders apologize and those who do not act as advised get punished.

Though this program is effective, people are not participating in it as required; locals call for more sensitization to the program.



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