Saturday, 2 November 2013

MIGEPROF perspective on prostitution

MIGEPROF perspective on prostitution

Mrs. Odda Gasinzigwa, minister of Gender and Family promotion


Ministry of gender and family promotion (MIGEPROF) has called on parents to embrace different programs that government put in place to prevent female children from joining prostitution for money.

This is because some girls have dropped out of school resorting to prostitution in search of money for survival.

The ministry says that following up on girls’ education and providing for them is one way of stopping young girls from leaving school to look for money in prostitution.

Mrs. Odda Gasinzigwa, minister of Gender and Family promotion highlights that since female children chances to attend school, parents and organizations should cooperate with the government to implement that program.

She says: “Girls leave school for prostitution because of money. Parents should work hard to support female children in order to finish school and get good jobs.”

While the ministry of gender and family promotion tries to prevent girls from dropping out of school to join prostitution, some girls have already started prostitution.

Poverty is blamed the cause of prostitution as one young prostitute in Muhanga district reveals. “I don’t enjoy being in the cold all night but I need survival. Many of us have no parents and support ourselves.”

On the issue of poverty, the MIGEPROF remarks that sensitization is being carried on to enable girls become self reliant.

Mrs. Oda Gasinzigwa, minister of gender and family promotion asserts:  “Whether in prostitution or not, they are still Rwandese. That’s why non-governmental organizations helped them change to normal life through forming cooperatives”

Prostitution is number one cause of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

MIGEPROF perspective on prostitution


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