Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rutsiro: Genocide survivors need reconstruction of their homes

Genocide survivors of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis in Gisiza cell in Musasa sector in Rutsiro district outcry the accommodation they were given in Bweramana village with poor construction plans.
The houses that were constructed in 2008 are already in their ruins. Bweramana village accommodates many families including 9 families of the 1994 genocide survivors and 6 houses of these families need urgent reconstruction.
Rutsiro: Genocide survivors need reconstruction of their homes
Some houses are in deplorable states
 Thaddee Musabyimana a resident in this village says his house is in deplorable state to the extent that when it rains, he and his family shift to the kitchen because of the floods running in the house.
Apart from houses that are cracking, other houses have walls that were not cemented that might collapse at any given time making their owners live in worry.
Some of the people in this village have torn apart kitchens which are no longer used. This applies to one Euphrasia Mukarwego a 68 years old woman who uses her house for the kitchen because of the state her kitchen is in.
Another issue that is bothering residents of Bweramana village are facing both genocide survivors and non genocide survivors is the cows they were either given by FARG or in Girinka Program when they do not own kraals to take care of these cows.
Those given cows by FARG were promised by kraals but 3 years have passed in vain and others live with them due to lack of capabilities to build these kraals on their own.
Habyarimana Nyaruke one of the residents of Bweramana village was given a cow by Girinka program but due to lack of kraal to rear it in, he put it in his kitchen and its calf is tied in his sitting room. Nyaruke lost his one arm during the 1994 genocide so he cannot build a kraal by himself.
Amandin Mukesharurema the executive secretary of Gisiza cell says the problem to poor construction of these houses lies with unprofessional constructers especially prisoners in TIG and local people who were rushing to meet the deadline given.
Evariste Bitegetsimana the executive secretary of Musasa sector says the construction reports they got about these houses suggested poor construction. They plan to first discuss the issue with constructers to explain the issue.
It is Expected that the 100 days of commemoration be over with constructed kraals to those without, those with ruined houses to be reconstructed and supporting the poor.


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