Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gicumbi town development expected to double- Authorities

The governor of the Northern Province of Rwanda Aime Bosenibamwe has promised to do everything in his power to increase the development of Gicumbi town as he calls upon people to support this cause and put more efforts in renovating the town.
The governor says this during the community work for different infrastructures and to construct a bridge in Byumba sector on the 19th.April.2013. He called upon people to maintain their security, to renovate Gicumbi town and to be self reliant and promised them his unconditional support.
Gicumbi town development expected to double- Authorities
Leaders in Gicumbi working with residents
The governor asked local leaders to be the watchful eyes on the local people and to explain to then the advantages of working in developed towns and to call upon people living in slummy areas to renovate them and clean them in the next 3 months.
The governor gave only 3 months to the management of Gicumbi district to sell the plots of land in the town under the ownership of the district and to give land to traders who work in cooperatives to build big commercial houses in the town.
The district mayor Alexander Mvuyekure appreciated all the people who joined in this community work and reminded them that Byumba sector is the heart to Gicumbi town and should be developed.
Gicumbi town development expected to double- Authorities
Col Jean Damascene Sekamana addressing people
The mayor told the people that development strategies for a town usually base on cleanliness, planting trees for decorations especially flowers for the beauty of the town and electing pavements in front of the houses and shops.
The mayor also asked the local people to clean their homes thoroughly especially those near the town and to renovate their houses towards the vision of the town. He reminded people to seek financial services from financial institutions to achieve their goals and all should be done by May 2013.
Col Jean Damascene Sekamana the commander of the army in Burera, Rulindo and Gicumbi districts asked local people to live up to the master plan of Gicumbi town and work towards development.
Col Jean Damascene Sekamana asked private entrepreneurs and partners in development of the district to work hard and develop their home town and not to live in the cities and forget about their homes.
Col. Sekamana asked people not to give attention to the rumours meant to discredit Rwanda and its development strategies but to instead work with security councils and maintain security through vigilant patrols.


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