Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ruhango hospital donates to poor genocide survivors

The administrators and workers of Ruhango hospital in Kinazi sector of Ruhango district donated goats worth Rwf180.000 to the 8 poor genocide orphans and widows in Ruhango district.
The donation event was held during the 19th genocide commemoration week on April 17th 2013 at Ruhango hospital.
Ruhango hospital donates to poor genocide survivors
Some of the genocide widows and orphans that were given livestock
Dr Valens Habimana, Director of Ruhango hospital asserts that doctors and nurses should not only concentrate on treating people but to be part of their development as well through donating to them.
The beneficiaries expressed gratitude saying they will take good care of the goats so as to improve their standards of living.
Veneranda Niwemugore was happy to receive a goat for the first time
Veneranda Niwemugore aged 80 years was overjoyed saying she has never had livestock before. “I have been taken care of my son who is poor as well without land, but with this goat we are going to improve our lives,” she narrates.
The vice-mayor for social affairs in Ruhango district, Jolie Germaine Mugeni commended Ruhango hospital for the generous act of comforting survivors during the time they are remembering the deceased.
Ruhango hospital opened the doors on May 28th 2013.


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