Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kamonyi residents strive for self reliance as they participate in Genocide commemoration

As Rwanda commemorates for the 19th time the 1994 genocide against Tutsis, local people are supposed to support the government in giving the hope to the genocide survivor through visiting, sharing with them ideas and projects all towards self reliance.
With the theme of this year commemoration calling upon the genocide survivors to be self reliant, people do not have to support genocide survivors financially only but with ideas to make them stronger.

Kamonyi people commemorating striving for self reliance
Kamonyi people commemorating striving for self reliance
In the presentation by the governor of the Northern Province of Rwanda on Tuesday the 9th.April.2013 about the role of good governance in making people self reliant. It was desired that a basket be passed around for people to contribute for the genocide survivors’ welfare.
Jacques Rutsinga The mayor of Kamonyi district explained that every level of administration prepared a way to support the genocide survivors in making them self reliant. “it is not good to surprise people with a basket of contributions and to make those who have nothing to contribute feel guilty.”
This was said again in presentations on Wednesday the 10th.April.2013 in ISETAR main hall with residents of Ruyenzi cell where Christine Nyirandayisabye the executive secretary of Runda sector reminded people that people should strive to be self reliant and avoid living on alms.
“Form a team, find and help genocide survivors through ideas and projects and help them get self reliant to testify to that next year what that team helped them achieve” says Christine Nyirandayisabye.
One of the genocide survivors in Gihinga cell in Gacurabwenge sector appreciates the commemorating theme for this year which calls upon genocide survivors to strive for self reliance. For food they were usually given gets finished and they go back to the lives they were living before. It would if they get supported to support themselves.


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