Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kamonyi District councilors support genocide widows

Kamonyi District councilorsWhile on a visit to 7 families of genocide widows on the 19/04/2013 in Ruseke village, Kambyeyi cell, Nyarubaka sector, Kamonyi district councilors supported these widows with different food stuffs plus mattresses.
This act is carried out every other year during the commemoration period where one village is selected and then given support.
“With the bad history that befall these widows, this is why we decided to comfort and also support them”, said Marie Alice Uwera from the social welfare commission in the district.
The widow’s families got each a mattress sack of rice and maize, 10kgs of sugar, 5litres of cooking oil, and an envelope with Rwf10.000.
The widows appreciated this saying that this showed them that they were not alone during the commemoration period, but had caring people around.
They then thanked the government which has helped them a lot since the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.
“We were able to get homes, get cows, get medical insurance, and our children are able to go to school all with help from the government”, said Odette Kayirere representing the widow.
These people were able to start groups from which they can be able to save and get loans which has helped them develop.
Kayirere therefore called on all the survivors to strive for self-reliance which is one way that will help them acquire self –respect.
The president of IBUKA Kamonyi district Pacifique Murenzi thanked the councilors for this act which is a great help in creating a brighter future for the survivors.


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