Friday, 19 April 2013

New curricula to streamline teaching of Genocide

The Ministry of Education is currently revising the curricula for schools at nursery, primary, and secondary levels, a process that will streamline how best to teach students about the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, among other changes.

In an exclusive interview with The New Times yesterday, Dr Joyce Musabe, who is in charge of curricula development, said that various strategies are being considered to help students at different levels understand the Genocide.

“Visiting of the memorial sites will be one such strategy, but will be optional depending on the readiness of the students and the level of school,” Musabe said.

Genocide themes have featured in various subjects such as social studies at primary level and history at secondary level. Under the new curriculum, the teaching of Genocide will be reinforced, in line with Genocide prevention.

Teaching the younger generations about the Genocide and Rwanda’s history is widely considered as a key element in cementing the on-going reconciliation efforts and ensuring sustainable unity of the Rwandan people. The Ministry of Education, in partnership with different stakeholders, revises schools curricula every five years.


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