Friday, 26 April 2013

Kamonyi District Focuses On Promoting Good Governance

Kamonyi District focuses on promoting good governanceIn order to promote good governance among local leaders in Kamonyi district, district authorities are visiting and talking to sector leaders advising them on good governance.
The event was started in Runda and Rugarika sectors on April 22nd 2013.
The visiting team included the district mayor, Police and Army chiefs who held the talks with sector council members, presidents of the cell councils, sector and cell workers and heads of public institutions.
During the meeting Jacques Rutsinga, mayor of Kamonyi district had with higher authorities, he told them that good governance is delayed by the cell leaders.
“A king is judged by his army,” the mayor added.
Superintendent Francis Muheto, the district Police Commander said that some cell executive secretaries do not report in time in addition to bad customer care and corruption.
Superintendent Muheto reminded them to work for development and change the way they serve people because local leadership is the foundation of good governance.
Members of Rugarika sector and cell councils were cautioned over not following up on workers performance when it’s their responsibility.
The district mayor reveals that this program is carried out once a year before celebrating Labour Day on May 1st 2013.
Every member of the district administrative council is accompanied by some of the workers visits 4 sectors out of 12 sectors that make Kamonyi district.


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