Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ethiopia’s State Minister commends Rwanda security measures

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The State Minister in the Ministry of Federal Affairs in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mulugeta Wuletaw has commended Rwanda for its efforts to fight crime through its elaborate policy on community policing.
Wuletaw, was in Kigali to attend a regional security meeting on small fire arms and used the opportunity to take time and learn from the Rwandan model of community involvement in security, which he said would be useful to share with the Ethiopian communities.
Community Policing Committees (CPCs), through the partnership, Rwanda National Police have been established in Rwandan communities with the objectives of engaging the public through police-community partnership in prevention, detection and reduction of crimes, through timely information exchange.
Minister Wuletaw visited one of the successful model CPC initiatives in Kinyinya sector, in Gasabo District , Kigali city and met members of CPCs in the area, who explained how their contribution in policing has led to the reduction of crimes in the area.
Kinyinya has over 170 members of CPCs and as a way of supporting security activities in the area, residents of Kinyinya bought a patrol car at a tune of Rwf12 million and contributes over Rwf6 million monthly to facilitate and strengthen the activities of their CPCs and night patrols.
The Ethiopian Minister was accompanied by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Stanley Nsabimana, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Security, Ambassador Valens Munyabagisha and senior police officers; who held a chat with members of the Kinyinya CPC’s.
One of the CPC members, Alphonse Bizimana said that serving the community is a call for him since he has previous served in the forces. We don’t get paid a lot of money but doing this work is like a call in one’s life. I feel happy if I can be able to contribute to the peace and security of my country”
Wuletaw was impressed by the success story of CPC’s and said that Rwanda is changing every day for the better, and this is because visionary leadership and urged Rwandans to aspire higher and even create a crime free society which will serve as example to others
He also said that Rwanda and Ethiopia have enjoyed a good-long relationship, adding that the two countries will continue to work together and learn from each other of the best of their communities.


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