Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda : Rwandan gorillas to get names

Rwanda will on June 16th 2012, celebrates the 8th Gorilla naming ceremony of 19 baby gorillas and the naming of 1 female adult at this year’s annual Kwita Izina ceremony

This year’s annual ceremony will be under the theme “Sustainable tourism for a green economy.”

The event is expected to attract high-profile figures, senior government officials, key foreign dignitaries, hundreds of renowned conservationists and media will take part in this now established touristic event.

This year’s special feature is to allow people from all over the world to learn more about mountain gorillas as well as choose their “cutest” baby gorilla through an online-based interaction.
Rica Rwigamba, the Head of Department Tourism and Conservation at RDB said that this year’s celebration comes at a critical time when the degradation of the ecosystem has reached alarming proportions and re-enforces the commitment that the Government of Rwanda has shown towards a green path to economic growth.

“We pursue a strategy of responsible tourism and this has earned us recognition around the World. Kwita Izina is just one of the many steps that has been undertaken to recognize and protect the natural habitat of endangered species like the mountain gorillas, the rich bio-diversity in the national parks and the forests in the country,” Rwigamba said.

In addition, she elaborated that Rwanda is committed to maintaining its natural resources for future generations while at the same time expanding its economic base as a strategy for poverty reduction.


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