Monday, 4 June 2012

Rwanda | Ngoma: Eyes infection cause about 100 students postpone studies

Mutenderi secondary school in Ngoma district has encountered a problem of red eyes type of disease which is contagious and has already affected about 100 students and the number is increasing.

This number was announced on the 30th.May.2012 and the school administration decided to take home infected students to temporarily stop attending schools, having their own dining place and sleeping place so as to stop this disease from affecting other students because it is very contagious.

This suspension from school will only last 6 days for every student affected by this disease as requested by the medical team from Kibungo Hospital that came to the school rescue who now work on Mutenderi health centre.

This disease has not only affecte4dc students but also teachers in this school as the discipline master said that she was also affected on the 30th.May.2012.

“A person who visits these students is also affected, I visited them yesterday now I have been affected by it but I was treated I am getting better.” She told the press.

Students who were affected were given treatment and they are getting better but the problem is that others are getting affected on daily basis though they made decisions to stop it from affecting many students.

A person who is affected by red eyes first feels the eyes itching and become reddish. Doctors say that this disease is caused by sharing basic hygienic tools and it is very contagious.


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