Monday, 4 June 2012

Rwanda | Gakenke: cooperative presidents asked to use bank accounts

The presidents of cooperative of poor people and children living with HIV/AIDS have been asked to make use of the cooperative’s funds so as they might get a way to develop.
They were asked this in the official opening of the 3 days training on the Tuesday the 29th.May.2012.
cooperative presidents
This training is meant to improve the understanding of the cooperative chairpersons on the levels that make cooperatives, managing cooperative funds, how to manage cooperatives and making productive projects.
This training was prepared by PREFED-Rwanda (Programme Régional de Formation et d’Echanges pour le Dévelopment) with the support of Global Fund  and this project is yet to support all cooperatives by giving every cooperative 1.7 Million francs to use in productive projects that they will do after this training.
About good management of cooperative funds, they are not worried about it because they have daily support of this project and the local administration who will help them as the money that will be used by the cooperative will have been agreed upon by all those levels and with what it is meant to do well known as the worker of PREFED-Rwanda project explained.
This training was attended by 75 people from 15 cooperatives coming from Gashenyi, Coko, Busengo, Minazi and Gakenke sectors all in Gakenke district.


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