Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Police calls for timely sharing of information

The Rwanda national Police (RNP) has called upon the general public to increase on the pace at which they share the information concerning crimes.

In a statement, the police said that sharing timely information between the public and the Police to combat crime has proved to be a successful crime reduction strategy.
“Through community policing approach the exchange of information between community liaison officers, community policing committees’ and the public has led to reduced crime rates,” reads the statement.
To encourage information sharing, Police put in place several toll free lines that can be used to report any criminal incidence.
The most commonly known and used is the emergency line 112. However there are other hotlines established by Police which can be used to report on specific issues.
For instance 3512 can be dialed to report gender based violence crimes, 113 for traffic accidents and 110 to report maritime incidences. 3511 can also be dialed in case of abuse or misconduct from a police officer.
“In the daily routines, either at home or area of work, criminal activities are witnessed which should be reported to police or other security organs.”
However, police says that sometimes they don’t know what, where and how to report effectively or they don’t know what numbers to call. This sometimes leaves a crime unreported while culprits go free.
A common example is repeated quarrels in homes which are likely to turn into brawls. If such are not reported in time, the likelihood of them turning ugly is high.
Another problem that hampers effective crime reporting according to police is traditional cultures whereby people fear to report friends, relatives or even parents because they depend on them for support. Others simply keep quiet especially when the crime concerns sexual abuse.
Police calls upon the public to report any criminal incident to the nearest authority available but most especially Police. They should partner with their closest Police stations or posts and hand in timely information in the event s crime is taking or about to take place.
Potential events that could end being dangerous or bring harm should also be reported immediately.


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