Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rwanda : Nyarubuye: traditional doctors urged to learn signs, symptoms of tuberculosis

Nyarubuye health centre convened a meeting for traditional doctors in a way of explaining to them the difference between diseases that can be treated using traditional herbs and those that will be treated at the hospital and to explain to them about tuberculosis disease.
Regis Shukuru a worker at Nyarubuye health centre who is in charge of hygiene and people’s general health at this centre said that this program of training traditional doctors about the causes, signs, symptoms and prevention of tuberculosis is a way to inform them that in case a person comes seeking their services with certain signs to send them to hospitals instead of giving them herbs which can’t help at all.
At this health centre, they were trained about the signs and symptoms of a tuberculosis patient and how to sensitize them to go to the hospitals so as to save people’s lives who would think it is a disease that would be treated by herbs as Regis Shukuru explained as local people trust traditional doctors more and think they can heal and understand them more that medical doctors.
Traditional doctors were told that though herbs do heal, they should know which diseases they should treat and which not to treat, they were also taught about Malaria and its signs and its symptoms and how to prevent it.


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