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Rwanda : Burera, a district dripping with beauty

Burera a district dripping with beauty 1 Rwanda : Burera, a district dripping with beauty
Mountain Muhabura as seen from a distance : It is one of the tourist attractions in Burera district
Burera district is divided into 17 sectors which are Bungwe, Butaro, Cyanika, Cyeru, Gahunga, Gatebe, Gitovu, Kagogo, Kinoni, Kinyababa, Kivuye, Nemba, Rugarama, Rugendabari, Ruhunde, Rusarabuge and Rwerere. It has 69 cells, 571 villages, 339,200 inhabitants and covers 644.5 square kilometers.
The district boarders the Republic of Uganda to the North, Gakenke and Rulindo districts to the South, Gicumbi district to the East and Musanze district in the West.
Burera has an agro bio climatic zone which is very productive. Its average altitude is 2100 meters above sea level.
On the infrastructure front, Burera District has a total of 268.6 Kilometers of road.  94 Kilometers are currently in good shape, 75.5 Kilometers are being rehabilitated and 89 Kilometers are still in a poor state.
Most bridges are being rehabilitated. This is a good sign o the tourism frontier because it eases access to the interior of the district.
Overall, Burera District has 35 nursery schools, 87 Primary schools, 42 Secondary schools. It has one hospital, 15 health centers and about 96% of the population has medical insurance.
Access to electricity is expanding and 540 homes, 12 trading centers and 27 schools have electricity.

Burera a district dripping with beauty 2 Rwanda : Burera, a district dripping with beauty
The crystal clear waters of lake Burera, one of the twin lakes from which the district derives its name

As far as tourism in concerned, the district boasts of the Birunga National Park as well as Ndorwa and Buberuka hills which are all tourist attractions. Ruhondo and Burera lakes have been rehabilitated in a bid to attract more tourists.The two beautiful lakes are located at the base of volcano Muhabura and close to the border with Uganda. They are surrounded by steep hills and large waterfalls with a backdrop of the Virunga volcanic mountains.These twin lakes are great spots to be visited after watching the gorillas in the volcanoes because the lakes are close to the gorilla-tracking centre of Ruhengeri and used to be referred to as neglected gems but things have changed and Burera and Ruhondo are popular with tourists.
The lakes have deep blue waters sorrounded by steep hills and tall waterfalls with the outlines of the nearby Virunga Volcanoes provide a spectacular backdrop.
Burera and Ruhondo are separated by a 1km wide strip of land (thought to be an ancient lava flow from Mount Sabyinyo.
Scenery is breathtaking here as the shores of the lakes are heavily terraced and cultivated with crops and volcanoes loom ominously in the distance. A tour to this district full of unspeakable beauty will not disappoint.


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