Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rwanda | Ngororero: Child labour problem discussed

Ngororero Child labour 229x300 Rwanda | Ngororero: Child labour problem discussed   In order to stop Violation of children’s rights, ADEPE (Action Pour le Development du Peuple) has organized a meeting with education concerned authorities recently to discuss the matter.
The meeting saw the turn up of different sector education officials, teachers, lawyer in charge of women and children violence, religious leaders and others.
Among the topics discussed in the meeting after forming groups was about people who engage children in hard labour, which results into school dropout, physical harm and development problems.
The case in point was children who work in mines and tea plantations in Ngororero district. The groups discussed on the type of work, if cultural beliefs promote child labour, consequences on children life and the measures that can be taken to stop child labour.
However, education officials in Ngororero district say that dividing children into small groups so that the teacher helps them all, policing community, sensitizing residents on the importance of their children’s education and others have been done to reduce on the biggest number of children that had dropped out of schools.
Main speaker of the meeting, Eugene Rwandarwejo in charge of coordinating residents and Communication in ADEPE, explains that the aim of this project is to identify problems, provide advocacy on sponsors so that they are included in the budget.
Although some participants note that child labour is done in rural areas secretly, there are some children that are traced in towns working for business people when they should be at school.
Participants and concerned authorities in Ngororero said they will fight the problem before the end of June because international children rights also apply to Rwandan children.


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