Monday, 4 June 2012

Rwanda | Nyabihu: Agricultural season2012A reports huge increase in beans

Nyabihu district is generally made up of hilly and sloppy mountains and is full of lavas. It is usually productive in crops like Irish potatoes, Maize, wheat, Pyrethrum, Tea and sometimes beans.
When these crops are not destroyed by natural disasters, they are usually productive especially Irish potatoes and beans as they flourish due to the good volcanic soil.
Nyabihu Agricultural Rwanda | Nyabihu: Agricultural season2012A reports  huge increase in beansIn this season 2012A, the production was a bit higher especially the production of beans compared to the last seasons in 2011A as Jean Pierre Nyirimanzi the agronomist in Rubavu district explained on the 25th.May.2012. He said that beans production increased from 8,511 tons in 2011A to 17,073.7 tons in 2012A.
Jean Pierre Nyirimanzi said that the reason for this increased production is much participation in planting the beans as they have market and they reduced on the area they planted on wheat and planted beans.
People were also sensitized about farming and making it better by following the advice given by the agronomists in sectors and beans were also planted in modern terraces where beans that were planted on 215 hectares of modern terraces produced 2.2 tons of beans per hectare.
Measures are being taken so as to keep on increasing the production as a way for farmers in Nyabihu district to attain development.


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