Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rwanda : Rwandan Diaspora Organise White March Against The Anti-Rwandan Violence

Rwanda 1129 300x300 Rwanda : Rwandan Diaspora organise white March against the anti Rwandan violence
The Rwandan Diaspora in Belgium under their organisation DRB-Rugari have organised a white march against the violence targeting its members in Belgium.

 The violence, according to the Rwandans living in Belgium is perpetrated by small groups of Congolese.
 In a press statement, DRB-Rugari said that several cases of beatings resulting in serious injuries and hospitalization have been reported.
 “On Saturday, July 28, 2012, one more incident occurred: The young man who we will call J. M. to protect his identity was attacked in the subway station at Merode and ended up in hospital with a fractured jaw.  For the Rwandan Diaspora this was the last straw,” reads the statement in part.
 “Such violence is committed in broad daylight, in public places (in the streets or in subways) by organized gangs of “combatants” who are claiming to seek a solution to the war raging in Eastern Congo.”
 The planned March is scheduled to take place this Saturday August 18 at Place de la Monnaie (1000 BXL) from 2 to 4 pm.
It at this point that DRB-Rugari also appealed to the Belgian authorities and the Belgian public to address the seriousness of these barbaric acts which constitute a flagrant violation of human rights, compounded by racist and xenophobic verbal aggressions.
“These actions are creating a climate of fear and mistrust that undermine the social cohesion that the Belgian government and multiple social welfare associations – including our organization – are working on,” says DRB.
 They also appeal to the members of the Congolese community involved in the violence and hope they will understand that Rwandans living in Belgium are not protagonists of the conflict in eastern Congo and they are, in no way, related to the stakes of this war.
 They called upon the Congolese community for a constructive dialogue in order to improve the cohabitation and the relations between the two communities in Belgium.



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