Friday, 24 August 2012

Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Local People Told To Avoid Problems Concerning DRCongo

m NyamashekeDist 300x174 Rwanda | Nyamasheke: local people told to avoid Problems concerning DRCongo
Security Authorities in Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts have warned residents over people who would lead them into confrontations between Congolese, saying problems of neighbouring DR. Congo are to be judged wisely.

Lieutenant Colonel Masumbuko who heads army in the area said during the general security meeting in Nyamasheke district on the Tuesday the 21st.Aug.2012 as he approached the problem of insecurities of DRC and how Rwanda has been falsely blamed for being involved in the matter.
He went on to explain to people that the government of Rwanda is doing all it can to prove that Rwanda has no involvement in Congo insecurities and asked those who were in the meeting to explain to all people the situation and to make them settle and do their work and develop themselves.
Among the evidence compiled in the UN report on the Rwanda’s involvement in DRC insecurity problems that Rwanda supports the rebel group M23 but this is being proved to be wrong like the army card they said is for Rwandan soldiers that belongs to Captain Saddat Janvier which was later proved that the owner is a Congolese who is a former soldier of CNDP and in 2009 joined the government forces of FARDC.


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