Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rwanda | Gakenke: Gakenke Cells To Get Public Television Set

Executive secretaries of sectors in Gakenke district have pledged to buy a public television set for every cell to help residents keep updated on government programs.
This was revealed on August 14th 2012 during the meeting with the district advisory committee.

Gakenke Gakenke cells to get public television set Rwanda | Gakenke: Gakenke cells to get public television set
Although the pledge was commended by the advisory committee, it will face the challenge of electricity whereby 5percent out of 100 residents have electricity. This means cells have no electricity to watch television.
However, generators will be used but who to take care of fuel expenses issue is being discussed.
Apart from electricity problem, Gakenke district has poor television reception because of the many hills.
If the government of Rwanda or ORINFOR does not resolve the problem of poor reception, the dream of watching television will remain far from the residents.



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