Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rwanda | Rwanda Hosts E.A. Police Command Chiefs Addressing Security Issues

m Rwanda hosts E Rwanda | Rwanda hosts E.A. Police command Chiefs addressing security issues
The East African Police Command Chiefs Organization (EAPCCO) has launched “the Police command post exercise” (PCPX) codenamed “solidarity” aimed at effectively combat  transnational and cross border crimes, Rwanda National Police (RNP) hosted the event.
 While some east African countries have been facing terrorist attacks, this is intended to tackle all terrorism; human trafficking and peace instability related matters, though there are some doubts whether the regional cooperation will work as needed.
This exercise aims to harmonize police practices and procedures in order to improve EAPCCO members’ collective capability to fight cross-border and transnational crimes. Based on Interpol best practices, PCPX is supposed to ensure participants have a standard operating procedure as far as combating internationally organized crimes is concerned.
At the end of the exercise, about sixty participants from twelve countries will have skills required using Interpol tools and databases where they will be proving the power of timely, secure and rapid exchange of information; according to Director of PCPX, Superintendent Felix Namuhoranye.
Elizabeth Kutesa, The Director for National Central Bureau and Regional Police Services (NRPS) unit of International Police, has insisted on the regional cooperation in her remark, mentioning that transnational crimes like terrorism are beyond each country’s prevention capability.
She said “if you look at the terrorist attacks in Kampala, Nairobi and Dar-es-salaam to mention a few examples, we see crime committed in one country, being organized and planned in another country, by criminal groups which are based in a third country”.
The EAPCCO Chairman, Inspector General of Rwanda Police Emmanuel Gasana, has challenged the regional police chiefs, and PCPX organizers and participants. “With the emergency security concerns in our region and beyond, PCPX will test your abilities to combat cross borders crimes. This exercise will enhance our exchange towards having a region where citizens enjoy maximum security and human rights.”
Some of twelve east-African countries forming EAPCCO are Common wealth members. This huge community has principals and resolutions in different areas including policing standards. Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has worked on policing issues in East Africa since 2001.
Each country will be required to ensure and strongly manage financial issues in order to have enough equipment and well trained personnel for the comprehension of the planned objectives.
On the other hand, all countries representatives have shown their commitment to this new and technical collaboration, with the objective of bringing EAPCCO law enforcement together in a theoretical training in three responsive areas and thereafter do a centrally-controlled joint exercise with intent to put theory to practice.
This exercise would be maintained on a yearly basis for a permanent exchange and update towards lasting security among East African member countries, ensuring favourable environment for investment and more development in various areas including social welfare and economic growth. 


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