Monday, 12 November 2012

Rwanda | Ngoma: Tourism to boost performance contract execution

Tourism to boost performance contract execution Rwanda | Ngoma: Tourism to boost performance contract execution
Jean Pierre Uwizeye, Head teacher of Kigarama Technical secondary school
 The director of Kigarama Technical School, Jean Pierre Uwizeye has said that tourism department introduction will help Ngoma district in executing the performance contracts.
 Since Ngoma district pledged to build a three star hotel in 2012-2013 performance contracts, it will corporate with the hospitality department for the easy implementation of the plan, he explains. 
Uwizeye adds that Tourism department was introduced after the school was changed from a secondary school to the technical school. 
Uwizeye expresses: “Looking at the development performance contracts and the departments that have been introduced in this school, we are a focal point in the implementation of these projects,” 
The tourism introductory at Kigarama technical school will modernize tourism and help in equipping the students with the professional skills,
 Aphrodise Nambaje, Mayor of Ngoma district stresses: “You will be employed in these Hotels and you will work to develop them as you will be professionals. I dream of Ngoma as a highly developed town in Rwanda.” 
Ngoma is one of the undeveloped districts in Eastern Province and pledged to build to build the first three-star hotel and to develop Sake and Mugesera Lakes to improve tourism.


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