Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rwanda | Gitovu: water shortage still a problem

Residents of Gitovu sector in Burera district decry lack of clean water in their sector as most of the residents use water fetched from Burera and Ruhondo Lakes.
Some of the residents fetch water from Canons in the valleys which are not clean and pure as rain pours in mud and clean water provided in the sector is far from their homes and it takes a journey of more than 1 hour to get there and fetch that water.
Evariste Habumuremyi the executive secretary of Gitovu sector also says that shortage of water in this sector is still a big problem to many people though a step has been taken and people might get clean water soon.
By the year 2006, there was no single water tunnel in this sector but only few water sources in the fields but now there is one big water tunnel that channels clean and pure water to people in one part of this sector as Habumuremyi explained.
There are other 10 water tunnels that were renovated and are operating which increased the number of families that get clean water though this doesn’t take away the fact that some residents are still experiencing water shortage problem.
Habumuremyi says that to solve this problem, the sector will enlist the help of VUP (Vision 2020 Umurenge Program) and build a 2nd water tunnel and distribute water to the remaining people.
The money that will build this water tunnel is in the economic budget of 2012/2013 and they have announced the tender and yet to get the contractor to start working on this project as Habumuremyi explained.
Gitovu is in the rural area of the district and it has about 10.415 population of which the majority survives on farming.


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