Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rwanda | Kayonza: “Salary increment improved our social life” -teachers

Untitled1 Rwanda | Kayonza: “Salary increment improved our social life”  teachers
Some mentors in Kayonza district affirm that salary increment has improved their standards of living, a reason enough to accredit Rwandan Government.
Robert Mugisha, a teacher at Kayonza modern school asserts that though it’s not enough 100 percent, life is abit easier ever since his salary increased.
“We can’t say we are satisfied with it, but we are no longer known for accumulated debts in shops and markets like before. The small salary was for paying debts,” he narrates
Though the increment is like a drop in the lake, teachers confess that it gives them a feeling of value by the government, reveals Alphonsine Mutumwinka, a teacher at Shyogo primary school in Nyamirama sector.
She adds that allowances used to come four months late but ever since the salaries increased, allowances come in time too.
Talking of challenges, mentors highlighted that the government promised to increase on the salary every after three years, which has never been met.
Another challenge is delayed salaries during the first months of work as a government school teacher. Teachers explain that it’s a big problem to teach for six months without pay yet in rented house pus other expenses.
To solve these issues, Minister of education Dr Vincent Biruta says that the Ministry of Economic and Planning is working hand in hand with concerned sectors to avert the problem.
In his speech on October 5th 2012, International Teachers’ Day, Dr. Biruta noted that the government of Rwanda is establishing different programs aimed at promoting teachers development.
They include free accommodation, Gir’inka Mwarimu that started in 2008 and “Umwarimu Sacco” that charges little interest compared to other banks.


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