Friday, 9 November 2012

Rwanda : Huye market introduces a Radio Station

With the introduction of radio station working in Butare Town Market, it has created hope to traders in the market. Hope radio station which started airing on the 5th.Nov.2012 only in the market and its sole aim is to advertise the goods of the traders in the market; communicate different services and give hope to people in the market.
Huye market introduces a Radio Station
Laurent Cyamatare the director of this radio station who is also a presenter says the radio starts broadcasting by 7:00am and closes by 8pm when all traders have closed all their shops.

Cyamatare says this radio station was introduced after seeing the need for communication between clients who come to the market and traders in the market.
“We also need some profit from this radio but the main aim of the radio is to advertise goods of the traders in the market and even their clients who come looking for them to know where to find them easily”.
Apart from advertising services, this radio station will be playing music, airing different programs like news and sports news. They will also be discussing about different prices in the market and it will be used for announcements.
Concerning the price for advertising on this radio, Hope radio station started with asking price of Rwf60.000 to air the advert every day for 3 months but this price is liable to change depending on the understanding between the advertiser and the radio station.
Though this radio was received with much joy by traders in the market, traders who work nearby its operating area are uncomfortable due to the noise it makes for them making it difficult to bargain with their clients. “Even taking to a person on a mobile telephone necessitates you to move to a distance, it is really uncomfortable” says one of the traders.


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