Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rwanda : University cut-off points announced

Information from the Rwanda Education Board (REB) shows that students who hit above the cut-off points to join government universities and higher institutions of learning did sciences.
Statistics show that scientists made up 71.18 percent of the total number of students. Arts students were 20.3 percent while those who joined professional education add up to 8 percent. The total number of students who were placed in Public higher institutions is 5, 594.
Statistics also show that the Kabgayi Nursing school took a total of 27 students who did the combinations of (Mathematics Chemistry and Biology) selected students had points in the range of 40-49.
At the school of Finance and Banking (SFB), a total of 171 students were selected. For the combinations of History Economics and Geography). Here the cut-off points were 55 which are the highest in that combination.
Those who studied Mathematics  Computer  and  Economics (MCE) had cut-off point ranging between  22- 55, those with the Mathematics Economics and Geography (MEG)  were selected at  40-55 while the Physics Economics and Mathematics (PEM) combination, were selected at 16-55 cut-off point.
At Kicukiro Integrated College (IPRC) 122 students were called, the Physics Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) combination had 34-55 as the cut-off point, while those in Mathematics Computer and Economics (MCE) combination were selected at 18-55.
For Kavumu College of Education a total of 320 students were selected. They include those from the combinations of MCE, PCM and PCB.
According to the Deputy Director General in charge of Examination &                             Accreditation Department Emmanuel  Muvunyi the places are given out in institutions in accordance with the available vacancies.
He also said that the placement also depends on the student’s first choice for the institution, the points they scored and the combination they offered.


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