Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rwanda Music : Rwandas artists eying international scene

Rwandan modern music currently hasn’t fully made it on the international scene though it’s spreading especially in the East African region and more parts of Africa. Rwandan  music which comprises basically of hip-hop, reggae, afro-bit ,R& B and dance hall, plays in night clubs of Uganda, Kenya, south Africa and arguably the other parts of East Africa, Burundi inclusive.
Collaborations with famous East African Artists have seen Rwandan upcoming songsters shine. Renowned collaborations include, Dream Boys collaboration with Uganda’s renowned Eddie Kenzo, Urban Boys collabo with Uganda’s Jackie Chanduri, Miss Shannel’s collabo with Necessary noise’s Waire , Rafiki with Uganda’s Chameleon, to mention but a few.
Because Rwanda lacks professional producers and many studio options, artists have resorted to recording with famous producers like Uganda’s Washington, which makes Rwandan music sell, across borders.
As some Rwandan artists copy songs and rhythms from famous Western musicians, other Rwandanartists have taken talent to another level through releasing hit by hit of unique songs. The likes of Jean Paul SamputuTom Close, and Miss Shannel have made it to the international scene.
Recently, ministry of culture and sports launched an initiative to support Rwandan artists to perform abroad, something that has promoted Rwandan music to the international scene. However, the initiative still lacks promoters to market the local artists abroad and fund the transport costs.
Meanwhile, a few countries like Uganda have earned through such an initiative to promote and market artists abroad and it has ripped handsomely.
Despite a few challenges, Rwandan music booms all over The East African Region. There is indeed hope for Rwanda to reach great heights via going international in the music realm, sky is the limit.


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