Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rwanda wooing Italian investors

Milan city where the symposium is being held
Milan city where the symposium is being held
An investment symposium opens this Thursday (June 13) in the Italian city of Milan at which Rwandan officials will showcase the country’s business opportunities.
Organized by Rwanda’s Consulate in Milan and the Rwanda Development Board, the symposium will host Italian business leaders at the Milan Chamber of Commerce. The event was organized in collaboration with Promos, an agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce in charge of promoting international trade.
“With about 11 million inhabitants with a high literacy level, Rwanda is experiencing a time of great socio-cultural and economic expansion (economic growth among the highest 7-8% per annum),” said Enrico Morra Lalia, the Honorary Consul of Rwanda in Milan, in a statement.
“The level of social development, culture and infrastructure is far superior to all the countries of sub-Saharan region of reference”.
The organisers of the symposium will display the country’s opportunities in Infrastructure, Trade, Tourism and Investment in general.


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