Saturday, 1 June 2013

Poverty Reduction Strategy taking youth steps ahead

Kayonza Youth friendly centre is called to work hard for more economic development results and continue to support the government in achieving goals set in the program named Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies (EDPRS) II
Poverty Reduction Strategy taking youth steps aheadJean Claude Mwiseneza the coordinator of Kayonza Youth Friendly Center
Jean Claude Mwiseneza the coordinator of Kayonza the Youth center in Kayonza says Kayonza still has limitation of the youth who was white collar jobs and when they fail to get them, they become idlers waiting for miracles. For EDPRS II to be realized, youth have to change their understanding and respect al kind of work as long as it earns them a living.
Mwiseneza explains that “for Rwanda to achieve the goals in EDPRS II, there are things that need to change towards financial freedom. One of these things is that youth have to value all kinds of work as long as it earns them a living.”
Mwiseneza says there are many ways for youth to work and attain development. He cites out examples of how the youth can work like participating in making terraces projects that is underway in all sectors in the Kayonza district.
“It is a pity that there are many youths from different provinces that came to work in making terraces project after Kayonza district ran short of workers when most in youth in Kayonza are unemployed and idling” says Mwiseneza.
“Such youth will fail to use their arms and start stealing, someone fails to go make terraces and get Rwf2000 everyday but will get time to idle and do violence, It is a problem that our youth have to change.”
The coordinator of KYFC concluded saying the youth have to change their conception of work and value every kind of work and use their strength. He called upon youth representatives to keep encouraging the youth to work harder and use the chances available to attain the much desired development.


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