Saturday, 29 June 2013

Gen. Gapfizi laid to rest

Gen. Gapfizi laid to rest
Family members including mourners top government officials, as well as former colleagues in the army, some foreign countries such as Uganda, Burundi, and envoys sent by the United States gathered at Kanombe Military Cemetery in Kigali, on June 28, 2013 to bid their last goodbyes to Late Brig. Gen. Dan Gapfizi.
They attended the requiem mass held for the late Brig.Gen. Dan Gapfizi at New Life church
Gen. Gapfizi 54, died in a fatal automobile accident on June 26, 2013 while driving in Kagitumba-Kayonza road nearing Kizirakombe Eastern Province.
One on looker, who described the accident as the worst he had ever seen, saying that the General’s Land Cruiser vehicle first hit the pedestrian and then the cyclist before veering off the road.
As a resultant the fatal crash claimed five lives including the General’s.
‘Gunshots’ in the air amid final farewell of late Brig
‘Gunshots’ in the air amid final farewell of late Brig
At the funeral Minister of Defence, James Kabarebe, read president Kagame’s eulogy, The President said both the deceased’s family and the country had lost a brave man.
“We wish you courage in this difficult moment,” Kagame told late Brig. Gen. Dan Gapfizi’s family.
President Kagame said that the General’s death was a shock and reminded him of other heroes who died in the Liberation War.
The country still needed the General’s contribution as Rwandans continue to liberate themselves from several ills, Kagame noted.
“The country has lost a brave man,” Kagame said in the speech which Gen. Kabarebe handed to the General’s widow after reading it.
About 2:40pm. The casket containing the deceased’s body was lowered in the grave as some mourners cried quietly, while others choked back their tears in disbelief.
Several wreaths were laid on Gapfizi’s grave and gun salutes were part of the send off in honour of his military career.
The officer had served in various capacities in the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) at the commandant level and until his death he was working as the commandant of the Reserve Force in the Southern Region.


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