Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nyabihu District increases efforts in protecting Musanze-Rubavu road

Nyabihu District increases efforts in protecting Musanze-Rubavu road
Musanze- Rubavu road protected very well under the greening and Biotification programme
The Executive to the Western province Paul Jabo appreciated the way the district of Nyabihu is taking care of the Musanze-Rubavu part of the road that goes through it.
This was said on the 18/06/2013 where different activities like tree planting along the road were carried out, hence a call from Jabo to the district to continue doing so.
“Tree planting along the road gives it very good scenery and also helps this road not face problems from erosion since it’s situated in high hills”, said the Executive.
Jabo called on other districts in this province to take on such example, plant trees, grass along the roads, which will keep the roads looking beautiful all the time.
Nyabihu District increases efforts in protecting Musanze-Rubavu road2
People planting grass along the road.
“Protecting the Musanze-Rubavu road is our responsibility”, said Angela Mukaminani, adding on that this is why women while celebrating the Rural Woman’s day in this district participated in planting trees along it.
“All such activities are carried out under a programme called the Greening and Biotification, and environmental protection”, added on Mukaminani.
“Protecting the environment and the infrastructure is every district’s responsibility since this will help the country develop”, noted Mukaminani.
“This is why there is the World Environmental Day every other year”, concluded Mukaminani.


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