Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nyabihu people increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS

New strategies have been set in Nyabihu District aiming to reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS spread and prevent new infections through sensitizing people to voluntary test for the pandemic.
According to the coordinator of the commission that fights for eradication of AIDS in Nyabihu District Sostene Nzitonda, more than 1700 people in the district are infected with HIV/AIDS ; a reason to why people need to know their status as well as give counseling to the already infected.
Pierre Dusenge the health official in Nyabihu district says it is a great sign to see many people voluntarily testing for HIV/AIDS to learn of their statuses.
The district had vowed to sensitize people and to have about 130000 people test voluntarily for AIDS in the performing contracts and about 160304 have already tested.
This performing contract was achieved at 123.3% and all thanks to different sponsors that helped with the sensitization program.
With the campaign to voluntarily test for HIV/AIDS, people are being sensitized about abstinence, faithfulness and condom use as the basics in having an HIV/AIDS free life.
People are always reminded that AIDS is a scourge that cannot be treated or be vaccinated against. Those already infected are counseled to protect themselves as well as other people by abstaining from sex or having protected sexual intercourse.


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