Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New technology could improve access to clean water


Bugesera district mayor Rwagaju launches a water pump that uses the technology at Rilima SS. 
A new technology that will be used to drill water using solar energy has been launched. 

The technology by Water Breeze Limited, a Cyprus-based firm, could help solve the problem of low access to clean water, especially in rural areas.

“Many people do not have access to clean water and drink dirty water, which leads them to contracting water-related diseases. With this technology, we will ensure that all Rwandans, especially those in the rural areas that are not connected to electricity, have access to clean water,” said Oleg Moiseev, the Water Breeze regional director for Africa.

He added that the firm would negotiate with the government to see how they can partner to improve access to clean water across the country. 

Moiseev was speaking during the launch of the technology in Rilima, Bugesera district, where the company donated and installed a water pump that uses the technology at Rilima Secondary School. 

Using solar energy, the technology is able to pump out about 8,000 litres per hour from about 250 feet below the surface. The water pumping facility costs about $50,000 (about Rwf32m) to install.

 “This could be a sustainable solution for places that have no access to clean water. We wish more donors and other stakeholders join the government and support the project. Remember, lack of clean water is more expensive than the $50,000 that is needed to install the system,” said Louis Rwagaju, the Bugesera district mayor. 

Boniface Muhirwe, the ground water officer at the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority, said such innovations could improve the lives of Rwandans when applied.       

According to a recent report by UNICEF, 25 per cent of the Rwandan population have no access to safe drinking water, while another 35 per cent use unsafe sources or travel long distances to access clean water.


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