Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kamonyi: Children educated on bad history that led to the 1994 genocide

Children educated on bad history that led to the 1994 genocide
Children in Kamonyi district were educated about the history that befell Rwanda resulting into the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, hence took on decision of fighting any genocide ideologies in the country that could lead to a future genocide.
This event took place on the 20/06/2013 while celebrating the day of the African child in the district.
About 100 children supported by the Association of Volunteers in International Service [AVSI] from the different sectors of the district were gathered at Rugobagoba stadium, Gacurabwenge sector and therefore this is where they received all these teachings about this day and what happened during the 1994 genocide.
Children educated on bad history that led to the 1994 genocide2
“This event was prepared by the different leaders that ruled Rwanda before 1994”, explained Emmanuel Nshimiyimana from the National Commission for the Fight against the Genocide [CNLG].
“The genocide ideologies were planted in Rwandan during the colonization period, where every Rwandan National Identity Card had to show what tribe he/she came from”, continued Nshimiyimana who continued explaining saying that this is when divisionism started.
He advised children to avoid old people who may try to plant such divisionism into them especially people who argue that the genocide did not happen at all.
They were again advised to show love to each other, with continued call to fight tribalism amongst them, which caused about 1million Rwandans their lives.
Marie Umurerwa in charge of equality and development of families in this district gave the children an example of Soweto children in South Africa who were killed in 1976 fighting for equality between the black and white people.
Children therefore promised to take on everything taught which will help prevent the genocide from ever happening here again.


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