Monday, 20 February 2012

Rwanda|Poverty should not be the cause of unwanted pregnancies

Poverty should not be

Students in high schools and higher learning institutions should not let their poor living conditions pave way for unwanted pregnancies.
The call was made by scientists from Hope Rwanda initiative during an open debate on health issues, with students of the Catholic Institute of Kabgwayi (ICK) located in Muhanga district, in the Southern Province of Rwanda.
Hope Rwanda scientist Patrick Mico underscored that prostitution its self is one among the causes of poverty, “getting engaged into prostitution is the cause of HIV/Aids, unwanted pregnancies and stress, all these results into more poverty.”
During the meeting, students raised the issue of poverty as the cause of unplanned sexual intercourse resulting into unwanted pregnancies and prostitution.
Jeanne d’Arc Mukamana, one of the ICK students said that girls should not be blamed for what happens to them indicating that poverty can force one to be involved in several illicit behaviors.
“Everyone is helped by what he /she has that’s why some girls decide to get engaged because they have no any other choice of earning a living which sometimes results into un planned pregnancies.” said Mukamana.
However, Mukamana revealed that being poor should not be the cause of unpredictable behaviors that deprives ones respect and value such as prostitution.
Prisca Mukayibanda, the Principal in-charge of students’ affairs at the institute said that poverty should not be given priority to the cause of unwanted pregnancies adding that girls have a lot to do to develop themselves other that seeing prostitution as the main source of income generation.
Hope Rwanda project initiated the program of discussions with students in secondary and higher learning institutions in 2008 in a bid to uproot and find solutions to prostitution and other related outcomes.
The project works closely with the Rwandan Government in its strategic plan for poverty reduction and on the role education plays in the improvement of the welfare of the population.


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