Friday, 24 February 2012

Rwanda | Rwanda Television coverage yet a problem

Rwanda Television coverage
It is a long time since  Rwanda Information Office (ORINFOR)  promised the local population that Rwanda Television (RTV) will be watched everywhere in the country but still it is far from being fulfilled As in some parts still waits in vain.

People say that they have never watched RTV in Muhanga district, Kabaya sector yet most of them own television sets and they say they just use them to watch movies in these sectors.
Faissa Hakizimana, who resides in Kabaya town, says that the money he used to buy T.V set was a waste and he bought it believing that ORINFOR’s promise to make it possible for them to watch RTV was going to be fulfilled.
Other news lovers who are also interested in other programs more than watching films said that ORINFOR should have made their promise into a reality because it is unfair for them.
There is only one television channel in the country, which is said to be the reason of such sluggish in coverage as there are no scoops.


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