Friday, 24 February 2012

Rwanda | Providing for the family while in prison

Providing for the family

 Nyandwi selling his father’s art pieces on a typical market day
Francois Nizeyimana, an inmate at Gikongoro main Prison, in the Southern Province, has managed to provide for his family’s needs through wood work; a kind of art that he learnt from prison.
He makes different wood carvings artworks which his son collects every Friday and sells for survival.
Nzeyimana’s son, Faustin Nyandwi, is one of his five kids who sell their father’s artworks every Saturday – during the market day. The sales bring in at least Rwf10.000 francs on every market day.
“The most interesting aspect is that my father learnt this profession from prison” says Nyandwi, “Many people buy Nzeyimana’s artworks, some wonder if they are made in Rwanda”
Nyandwi adds that other clients are interested in knowing where he gets these pieces of art and how his father learnt such a special skill.
Faustin sells all the crafts on each and every market day and some clients make special orders to be supplied on the next market day.
Nzeyimana’s family has hopes for the bright future, that when their dad gets out of the prison because he will expand the business.
Some of the art pieces include images of: birds, people and marriage gifts and many others– all made out of wood.


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