Friday, 24 February 2012

Rwanda | Working in public gardens is a pride of a woman.

Working in public gardens

Working in public gardens may seem like an odd job for some onlookers, but for the public garden cleaners in Runda sector, this job is a sense of pride for a woman desire for beauty and cleanliness

The women say that these gardens make Ruyenzi town look nice and also provide them with jobs and wages which enable them to provide for their families.

Angelique Mukamazimpaka, one of the three permanent workers in the Runda garden, located near the sector office, adjacent to the Runda Catholic Church- which is about 25 minutes drive from Kigali city.

The gardens contain over 50 various trees- which were planted by the community as a sign and remind of the need to develop a culture of unity and reconciliation.

Mukamazimpaka also takes care of the trees and flowers that on the road from Nyabarongo River to Ruyenzi center, along the Butare -Kigali highway

Angelique says that this job makes them able to provide for their families and solve their personal problems. She says that it is also satisfying to see their town looking so nice and clean and that makes them do all it takes to make the gardens look nice by watering them especially in this sunny weather.

Jeannette Mukeshimana, also who does the same job as Angelique says that many married couples come to these gardens especially at the Catholic Church to take pictures on their weddings- which is a source of income for the sector and thus their salary are guaranteed.


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