Friday, 24 February 2012

Rwanda | Meet an economist who does music, Journalism

A renowned music artist and a journalist Ally Soudy, a husband to Carien Umwiza holds a bachelor degree in economics with a major in management which was conferred to him at Butare National University of Rwanda, though he surprisingly does music and radio broadcasting; a totally different and unrelated carrier.

Meet an economist who

Ally on a loving hug to his wife when he graduated two years ago
Born on 11thNovember1983 in Kigali, Ally Soudy went to Ntwari primary school, did ordinary level of education at RILIMA, then APAPEC MURAMBI for Advanced level of secondary school in the year 2003. He later joined the National University of Rwanda in 2005 where he pursued a Bachelors degree in Economics with a major in international Economics management and graduated in the year 2010.
His reputation grew when he was working as a journalist at radio Salus and as an active musician in group of music artists called Testament at the National University of Rwanda. He latter casted for the Radio voice of Africa, which added to his reputation a sense of wide recognition.
He is currently working with radio ISANGO Star and he is very common in being an MC in many of the ceremonies held whereby he is even among the people that introduced IKIREZI Group which organizes SALAX AWARDS.
He came to do a career in music after splitting with his group Testament at the National University of Rwanda as he had started music during his studies. In 2008 he released his first single track which he called 25 years with the help of an American producer Amaya.
Ally Soudy has so far done songs like Lea, Byose ni Ubuzima, Ni Kicheko and many others. He has also done collaborations with other several artists and producers like The Ben, Urban Boyz, Elion Victory and United Friends.
Asked how he managed to juggle music, journalism and academics Ally Soudy said, “Music and Journalism are not very complicated things one can fail to match with academics as long as you have a well fixed program”.


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