Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rwanda | Gakenke district gets new master plan

Many towns in Rwanda are characterized by slums in residential places due to lack of building plan for the towns. But this has been changing gradually in this country as every district and every town has been developing its master plan.
This too is being applied in Gakenke district where plots are being made to build on houses that suite their building plan. 
 Gakenke district gets
After the cabinet meeting approved Gakenke town, the district has started implementing a building plan, with roads and house plots have been prepared so as to build a modern town.
In the mean time, water and electricity has already been supplied to people living in this town so as to have the basic forms of infrastructure on their way to development.
Jean Guillaume Manirakiza, the in charge of social affairs in Gakenke district said that for one to be able to build a house in this town, they must meet the building requirements.
“One must have boundary measures, and a building plan of the house to be built there. The house must be built with bricks and cement so as to protect the town from having undesirable houses and slums” he said.
Gakenke district is one of the districts that are on their way to development. The numbers of modern houses is however still minimal


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