Friday, 17 May 2013

Ruhango: Byimana Hospital Commemorates Genocide Victims

Ruhango: Byimana hospital commemorates genocide victims
The Administration of Byimana Hospital and employees have jointly paid tribute to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in their locality and the country in general.
The director of the hospital located in Ruhango district, Adeline Nyirabukeye said this on 14/05/2013 while in a ceremony that saw different hospital employees remember the genocide victims.
These people started with a walk to remember from the hospital to Byimana memorial site and then back to the hospital where different testimonies were given about the genocide.
“This is the second time we are commemorating the Tutsis that died during the incident and we normally support any vulnerable genocide survivor”, said Nyirabukeye.
This time one vulnerable elderly woman Josephine Mukaruhanga who has a disabled child was supported with different food stuffs plus other home necessities.
These people were therefore thanked by Claver Gasirabo the district representative during the ceremony.
He later asked people to continue striving for self-reliance and also to excommunicate themselves from anything that could lead Rwanda back to such bad history. The commemoration goes for a 100days, a period of three months in which the 1994 mayhem took place.


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