Monday, 27 May 2013

Farmer gets Rwf700,000 compensation


Kampire (second, right) receiving a dummy cheque of her compensation on Thursday.
A Rwamagana farmer who lost her cow to disease has been compensated by Sonarwa insurance.

Patricia Kampire, a member of Giramashyo Farmers’ Co-operative in Gishari sector, Rwamagana district, was paid Rwf700,000 worth of compensation. 

Kampire was all smiles when she got the money and urged farmers to insure their cows to avoid losses.

“This compensation will enable me to buy another exotic cow right away,” she said.

 At least 70 out of 180 farmers in the eight-year-old co-operative insured their cows with Sonarwa.

Emilienne Dusanguwera, another farmer, who benefitted from a Rwf1m compensation package in January, said Sonarwa was restoring their hopes in farming.
He noted that previously, farmers were reluctant to buy insurance cover for their cows, but said this mentality had changed.

“Cattle keeping can be sustainable with insurance cover. Like one buys insurance for a car, farmers should do the same for their cows to stay in business,” Kampire noted.

Sonarwa is one of the biggest insurance companies in the country that has the livestock insurance policy.

Dr. Olivier Rwakana, the Sonarwa agriculture insurance manager, said the livestock insurance policy safeguards farmers from losses. A farmer pays 6 per cent of the cow’s value as cover.
Rwakana revealed that the insurer would lobby banks to give loans to farmers with insured livestock.


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