Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ngororero: School Data Entry program, a new way of keeping records in schools

School Data Entry is a technology based program that will be used by school head teachers in compiling information about students and to pass it around to those in need of such information.
Education officers as well as head teachers had a 2 days training on this program on 20th and 21st.May 2013 in Ngororero district by the Ministry of Education.
MINEDUC training educationists in the district
This program will help in the making of action plan and getting the right information on students and will in general help the Ministry of Education to follow up closely on the education of students without moving around.
Though this program seems to be too good, some of the head teachers say it will be limited in schools without computers. This is so especially in Twelve Years Basic Education schools with no computers let alone electricity.
Petronille Musabyingabire the education officer in Ngororero district says this School Data Entry program will be of much help in solving apparent problems on the personal information of students and their number per school.
This will especially reduce the scam where head teachers usually give a large of students compared to what they have in a bid to get more money from the Ministry of Education.


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